Affiliate Marketing Glossary – The Ultimate Affiliate Marketing ABZ for Canadians!

Affiliate marketing is a rapidly growing industry and is projected to reach USD $12.1 billion by 2027 which offers businesses and individuals an opportunity to earn passive income through promoting products or services.

While it is an accessible and lucrative industry, it comes with its own set of unique terms and jargon that can be overwhelming for beginners. That’s where an affiliate marketing glossary comes in handy. It’s essential to understand the language of affiliate marketing to effectively navigate the industry and maximize earnings.

In this affiliate marketing glossary guide for Canadians, you’ll find a list of the 82 most commonly used affiliate marketing terms to help you build a strong foundation in the world of affiliate marketing.

  1. What is affiliate marketing
  2. What are affiliate networks
  3. What is an affiliate agreement
  4. What is affiliate link
  5. What is an affiliate commission
  6. Application Programming Interface (API)
  7. Average Order Value
  8. Advertiser
  9. Affinity Marketing
  10. Charge Back
  11. Click Fraud
  12. Click-Through Rate
  13. Click-Through
  14. Conversion
  15. Conversion Rate
  16. Cookie
  17. Cookie Expiration
  18. CPA – Cost per Acquisition
  19. CPC – Cost per Click
  20. CPL – Cost per Lead
  21. CPM – Cost per One Thousand Impressions
  22. CPS – Cost per Sale
  23. CPV – Cost per View
  24. Data Transfer
  25. Database
  26. Decline
  27. Deep Link
  28. Default URL
  29. Dynamic Link
  30. EPC
  31. Email Campaign
  32. Referral Period
  33. Referring URL
  34. Return on Investment
  35. Text Link
  36. 301 redirect
  37. 302 redirect
  38. Alt Text
  39. Anchor text
  40. Keywords
  41. Short Tail Keywords
  42. Long Tail Keywords
  43. Backlink
  44. Do Follow Backlink
  45. No follow Backlink
  46. ChargeBack
  47. Click Fraud
  48. Deep Linking
  49. Disclosure
  50. First Click
  51. Last Click
  52. SEO
  53. Link Building
  54. Life time Value
  55. Auto Approval
  56. Manual Approval
  57. On-page SEO
  58. Outbound Links
  59. Payment Threshold
  60. Post back URL
  61. Publisher
  62. Raw Clicks
  63. Unique Clicks
  64. Referring domains
  65. Super Affiliates
  66. HTML Code
  67. Recurring commission
  68. Sitemap
  69. Affiliate Software
  70. Niche
  71. Sub-Niche
  72. Impression
  73. Google search console
  74. Google Analytics
  75. Sub Domain
  76. What is content management system
  77. What are navigational menus
  78. Responsive theme
  79. SSL
  80. Post slug
  81. WordPress categories
  82. Exact Match Domain
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Saleem Ahrar

Saleem Ahrar is a seasoned affiliate marketing mentor with over 12+ years of experience in the industry. With his deep understanding of the industry, he has helped thousands of individuals around the globe to monetize their websites through various digital marketing channels. Saleem's expertise spans a wide range of niches, including headphones, gaming, dishwashers, automotive, hair care, DSLR cameras, lenses, security & surveillance, cyber security, streaming, baby, pets, cryptocurrency, and many more. Saleem's mentoring program has helped numerous students both locally and internationally to achieve their goals in the field of affiliate marketing. Unlike others who rely on quick techniques and hacks, Saleem's approach is in-depth, thorough, and tailored to the unique needs of each individual he mentors.

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