181 Best Affiliate Programs of 2023 (High Paying for Beginners)

Affiliate marketing is an arrangement between a company and an affiliate in which the affiliate earns a commission on making a sale for that particular company. In other words, the affiliates are rewarded with commissions to promote and sell the company’s products. They receive a percentage of every qualified sale they generate. The earnings of an affiliate can vary from up to $1 – $150 or even more per sale depending upon the level of expertise and niche selection.

After spending 39 hours of research and consuming 16 cups of hot chocolate coffee, I have compiled a list of 181 best affiliate programs from 15 different niches which you can use to monetize your website with affiliate marketing.

The Best Affiliate Programs of 2023 (Quick Overview)

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  1. Best Software and Services Affiliate Programs
  2. Best Web Hosting Affiliate Programs
  3. Best Pet Affiliate Programs
  4. Best Gaming Affiliate Programs
  5. Best Home Improvement Affiliate Programs
  6. Best Outdoor Affiliate Programs
  7. Best Kitchen and Dining Affiliate Programs
  8. Best Weight Loss Affiliate Programs
  9. Best Supplements Affiliate Programs
  10. Best Beauty Affiliate Programs
  11. Best Electronics Affiliate Programs
  12. Best Travel Affiliate Programs
  13. Best Fitness Affiliate Programs
  14. Best CBD Affiliate Programs
  15. Best Credit Card Affiliate Programs

Best Software and Services Affiliate Programs of 2023

In 2018, the turnover in the software industry was projected to be 456.1 billion U.S. dollars. The projection expected by 2021 is to be approximately 507.2 billion U.S. dollars

As can be seen from the expected projection, the software industry has revolutionized the way people, organizations and businesses coordinate, communicate and work. Software is greatly responsible for enhanced productivity, technical progress, and an increase in innovation.

Software is data that can be stored electronically and is used by a computer processor to perform different tasks. The software industry is multifaceted. Its scope ranges from operating systems, personal computer applications, enterprise software, customized software, and software applications.  

The software industry is one of the fastest-growing industries with an expected CAGR of 10.7% from 2019 to 2025.

Software affiliate programs are especially profitable for affiliates because many software companies offer recurring commissions i.e. the affiliate receives a commission for as long as the user is subscribed to the software.  

When searching for software affiliate programs, one can look them up in different places. (i) Traditional affiliate networks, (ii) software-specific networks, and (iii) in-house-based affiliate programs.

Some of the world’s top software brands run their affiliate programs on traditional affiliate networks like:

  • CJ Affiliate 
  • Rakuten Affiliate Network.
  • Impact
  • ShareASale
  • LinkConnector
  • AWin
  • Pepperjam Network

Alongside there are plenty of affiliate networks that specialize in software affiliate programs. For instance:

A few of the in-house affiliate programs are listed below:

  1. AWeber (In-house program offers $20 to $150/month and up to $300 per account through CJ Affiliate)
  2. HubSpot (Starter: $250, Professional/CMS: $500, Enterprise: $1,000)
  3. SEMrush (up to $160 per month per referral)
  4. Wrike ($100-Professional account, $200-Business account and $300-Enterprise account)
  5. Volusion ($29 to $299)
  6. LeadPages (range from $25 to $200 per month)
  7. GetResponse (self-hosted program offers $15 to $1,200/month and up to $135 for every sale referred through CJ Affiliate)
  8. Pabbly (Offers a minimum commission of $183)
  9. Unbounce (20% recurring revenue for every referral)
  10. Constant Contact ($5 commission for every referral that signs up for a free trial, and $105 for referrals that pay for a new account)

19 Best Web Hosting Affiliate Programs of 2023

Web hosting is one of the most popular and biggest industries in today’s world. The projection of web hosting services is expected to be USD $154 bn by 2022. The demand for web hosting services is on the rise and only going upward. Hosting companies are readily paying huge commissions to affiliates to bring in new clients which is why affiliate marketers, in turn, are happily promoting web hosting affiliate programs.

A web hosting service simply provides or rents out server space to websites to appear on the web. There are different types of web hosting available like shared hosting, Virtual private server (VPS) hosting, dedicated server hosting, cloud hosting, managed hosting, and colocation. Selecting the best web hosting for a website depends on the owner’s needs and requirements. On the other hand, selecting the best web hosting affiliate program not only depends on the brand reputation, cookie period, and payout pattern but also depends on the service being intuitive and user-friendly.

Some of the best web hosting affiliate programs are listed below:

  1. Bluehost ($65 to $120)
  2. HostGator     ($50 to $125)
  3. WPX Hosting (Up to $100)
  4. WP Engine   ( $200 above)
  5. SiteGround ($50 to $125)
  6. HostMonster ($65)
  7. Just Host     ($65)
  8. Cloudways   ($30 to $200 with 7% recurring commission)
  9. Dream Host (Up to $150)
  10. iPage ($65 to $150)
  11. A2 Hosting   ( up to $120)
  12. InMotion Hosting       (Up to $120)
  13. GreenGeeks (Up to $100)
  14. Web Hosting Hub     ($50)
  15. Kinsta ($50 to $500 with 10% recurring commission)
  16. Flywheel       (Up to $500)
  17. Pressidium (Up to $100)
  18. HostPapa     (Up to $200)
  19. Liquid Web ($150 to $7,000)

16 Best Pet Affiliate Programs of 2023

People are spending a huge amount on their pets and the demand is only growing. Pet lovers are keen on spending almost any amount to keep their pets comfortable and happy. In 2019 alone, USD $95.7 billion was spent on pets in the U.S., and it is estimated that the Pet care market will hit US 117 billion in 2021. It’s evident that pet lovers are not going to stop spending on their pets any time soon. In fact, the pet industry is only going to move up. 

The ever-increasing need for humans for companionship has led to the domestication of animals for a long time now. The roles of these animals have changed from protecting people’s farms and houses from predators to keeping them as pets, almost like a family members. This growing need of keeping pets and spend a lump sum of money on them has provided an opportunity for affiliates to earn commission and make money. The many diverse aspects of the pet niche have allowed it to become one of the top niches today.

An affiliate can venture into different areas in the pet niche like pet grooming, pet photography, selling pet food, organic dog treats and food, pet accessories, and medicine. With new products also hitting the market like CBD oils, GPS trackers, etc. affiliates are bound to earn a hefty commission. This can be seen with the projection of CBD oils to USD $3.86 billion by 2025. With so many sub-niches available, an affiliate can easily find a topic to their liking in the pet niche and start earning, here’s a list of the best pet affiliate programs to get started in 2021.

  1. FitBark (12% commissions for all sales)
  2. Pet Wellbeing (Commission of 10% per sale)
  3. PetCube. (10% commission per sale)
  4. Petco Supplies (5%-8% commission on different products)
  5. Brain Training For Dogs (75% commission)
  6. Ollie ($60 commission for every referred customer)
  7. Holista Pet Affiliate Program (25% commission per sale)
  8. FurHaven Pet Products (10% commission per sale)
  9. Pet Care Supplies (10% commission on every sale)
  10. Paw.com (20% commission for each sale)
  11. Pet Pro Supply Co  (Commission of 4% per sale)
  12. Whistle (20% commission rate per sale)
  13. Live Pee Free (30% commission rate per sale)
  14. Embark (10% commission on any sale)
  15. Pet Warehouse (up to a 10% commission for sales)
  16. King Kanine (15% commission on sales)

13 Best Gaming Affiliate Programs of 2023

With over 2.5 billion gamers around the world, the gaming industry is bound to increase its revenue over the period of time. In 2021, the gaming market is predicted to exceed $180 billion and it is expected that by 2025, this market will reach over $300 billion. Gamers are more than happy to spend a huge amount on everything related to gaming like accessories, hardware, consoles, etc. 

Once considered a hobby, gaming has now turned into a profession for many. Helping people earn just by playing their favorite games. Let’s not forget the fact that it is 20 times more enjoyable than traditional alternatives. Considering the growth of the gaming industry, many people have started to opt to earn through it. With the latest games and accessories coming up, gamers are bound to invest their money into them. Affiliates can earn a good commission from these purchases if promoted right and by selecting the right gaming affiliate programs. Let’s have a look at 13 of the best gaming affiliate programs around.

  1. Razer Affiliate Program (1% to 20% per sale)
  2. Alienware Gaming Affiliate Program (1% to 6% approx. $53.94 – $510)
  3. Zygor Guides Gaming Affiliate Program (50% commission on every sale)
  4. Leprestore Gaming Affiliate Program (10% per sale)
  5. Nvidia Affiliate Program (2% per sale)
  6. Modded Zone Gaming Affiliate Program (5% per sale)
  7. WarGaming.net Affiliate Program ($1 – $7.50 per signup)
  8. Bose Affiliate Program. (2% – 3% per sale)
  9. Final Mouse Affiliate Program (25% per sale)
  10. Microsoft Gaming Affiliate Program (2% to 12% per sale)
  11. Into The AM Affiliate Program (10% per sale)
  12. Logitech Affiliate Program (Up to 10%)
  13. Best Buy Affiliate Program (Up to 6%)

16 Best Home Improvement Affiliate Programs of 2023

The home improvement industry is stronger than in previous years. The sales for the year 2019 amounted to around $400 billion in the United States and by 2023 sales are expected to reach over $450 billion. The home improvement industry caters to areas like the sale of building materials, décor, appliances, and enhancements as well as services by contractors and companies. With the shortage of housing and high prices, homeowners prefer to stay in their homes rather than move or upgrade to newer houses. Instead, American homeowners are preferring to stay in the first home they purchased and spend on redecoration and renovations. 

Home improvement includes projects like repainting a room, building a deck or porch, installing drywall, installing an A/C or remodeling a basement. Homeowners find it easier to improve and renovate their homes according to their own taste and that too well within their budget, rather than buying a new home. Various stores and companies are offering affiliate programs for home improvement and décor. Affiliates can easily make a decent income through home improvement affiliate programs as the home improvement industry is growing forward. Here are some of the best home improvement affiliate programs to check out:

  1. Build.com (2% to 5% commission)
  2. Houzz (5% on all sales completed)
  3. Riverbend Home (5% commission)
  4. EasyClosets (4% commission)
  5. Canvas Vows (25% Commission)
  6. Wayfair (7% commission)
  7. 1StopLighting (5% to 7% commission)
  8. World Market Affiliate Program. (6% Commission)
  9. TheRTAStore.com (2% per sale)
  10. Designer Living Affiliate Program (12% Commission)
  11. Modern Bathroom (4% to 8% commission)
  12. Modern Furniture & Décor (5% Commission)
  13. Lumber Liquidators (4% commission)
  14. Burke Décor (8% to 10% commission)
  15. Sierra Living Concepts (8% Commission)
  16. Belle & June (12% Commission)

12 Best Outdoor Affiliate Programs of 2023

The outdoor industry is one of the growing industries currently. The sports and outdoor segment generated a revenue of US$21,702m in 2020. By 2024, this market value will be US$30,132m by 2024

Outdoor activities include a lot of various sports and activities like fishing, camping, kayaking, snowboarding, trail running, cycling, etc. there are plenty more outdoor activities that millions of people focus on. For affiliates, this provides a chance to focus on various different niches and a lot of different types of products to promote and earn a commission. 

  1. Backcountry (4% to 10% commission).
  2. Bass Pro Shops (commission rate of 5%)
  3. Orvis (5% commission on sales)
  4. Camping World (commission rate of 6% on all sales)
  5. Outdoor Gear Exchange (6% commission on sales)
  6. Hyperlite Mountain Gear (8% commission)
  7. Marmot (8% commission)
  8. Moosejaw (8% commission)
  9. YETI (8% commission)
  10. US Outdoor 8% commission rate on every sale, 10% commission rate for top performing affiliates)
  11. REI Affiliate Program (5% commission on sales)
  12. Sherpa Adventure Gear (10% Commission)

12 Best Kitchen and Dining Affiliate Programs of 2023

The kitchen industry and dining industry go years back. The worth of these two industries has always been on the rise. The kitchen appliances and equipment is expected to hit USD $112.47 billion by 2025. So we can safely say, almost everything related to food is here to stay. This industry may be difficult to earn from but the high prices of kitchen appliances and equipment make it a profitable niche for affiliates to earn commission from. The same is true for restaurant affiliate programs. 

Kitchens are the central part of any household. It’s the center of a family’s everyday life. Families eat together and cook and eat together. Families cherish these moments and spend considerable time bringing families together. In short, people are not hesitant on investing money that brings their families a good time. 

Many of the restaurants are independently owned and they don’t offer affiliate programs but there are many services related to restaurants through which affiliate commissions can be earned. Some of the best kitchen and dining affiliate programs are listed below:

  1. Bosch Kitchen Machines Affiliate Program (8% commission)
  2. Kitchen Universe Affiliate Program (7% commission)
  3. Lightkiwi Affiliate Program (7% to 11% commission)
  4. Mason Jars Makerplace Affiliate Program (5% commission)
  5. Shineuri Kitchen Affiliate Program (8% commission) 
  6. Homary Affiliate Program (3% to 7% commission)
  7. A Best Kitchen Affiliate Program (5% commission)
  8. 90210 Kitchen And Bath Affiliate Program (15% commission)
  9. Knobs.co Affiliate Program (10% commission)
  10. Abbio Affiliate Program (15% commission per sale)
  11. Farmhouse Kitchen and Bath Affiliate Program (2% to 5% commission rate on all sales)
  12. Made In Affiliate Program (15% commission per sale)

13 Best Weight Loss Affiliate Programs of 2023

Weight loss and weight management have been thriving industries. People from all over the world, from different cultures and backgrounds, have wanted to lose weight. Hence the weight loss industry is expected to reach $295.3 Bn by 2027. Losing weight has never been an easy feat which is why this industry and its affiliate programs are thriving. Not only does the consumer benefit from the products of weight loss but affiliates also earn a handsome commission. 

The weight loss industry includes different products and ideas ranging from joining a gym, meal replacement shakes, and lotions to weight loss shakes, diet pills, etc. In the United States alone $60 billion is spent in a year on weight loss products. In order to attract customers, many weight loss-related companies are offering affiliate programs to spread the word about their products and to increase sales. 

There are different kinds of weight loss affiliate programs targeting different groups of people with a specific aim. By joining weight loss affiliate programs, an affiliate can earn money while helping other people in reaching their weight loss goals. Some of the best affiliate programs are mentioned below.

  1. Weight Watchers ($10 per signup)
  2. Healthy Wage ($30 to $50 per sale)
  3. Medi Fast (3% to 20% commission)
  4. Custom Keto Diet (68% commission)
  5. Weight Loss Evolved (30% commission)
  6. Bistro MD ($45 per sale)
  7. Nutrition Forest (30% to 40% commission)
  8. Keyto Affiliate Program (10% per sale)
  9. Tony Robbins (15% commission)
  10. Diet Direct (10% commission)
  11. Maximum Slim (40% commission)
  12. ACE Fitness (8% commission)
  13. Invite Health (20% per sale)

Read in detail about the best weight loss affiliate programs of 2023.

10 Best Supplements Affiliate Programs of 2023

There was once a time when supplements were considered a fad, but looking at the market growth of the supplement industry which has grown from a $4 billion industry with about 4,000 products to more than $40 billion industry with more than 50,000 different products. The global dietary supplements market size is expected to reach USD 74.14 Billion by 2026.

Supplements are all the rage. With deficiencies occurring in one out of every three individuals, people are turning to supplements to fulfill their dietary needs. Be it to build muscles or increase brain power or just fulfill your protein or vitamin needs, supplements are here to stay. Just the market for brain supplements is worth USD $11.6 billion by 2024. This niche is one the best to start earning a commission. With over a thousand supplement companies and products, there is a vast variety of affiliate programs to choose from. Here are some of the best supplement affiliate programs. 

  1. New Vitality (10% commission)
  2. Stack Labs (45% commission)
  3. The Vitamin Shoppe (4% commission)
  4. Life Extension (commission between 8% to 12%)
  5. A1 Supplements (10% commission)
  6. HerbsPro (10% commission)
  7. Brain MD Supplements (10% commission)
  8. Driven Nutrition (25% commission)
  9. eVitamins (12% to 20% commission)
  10. Vitacost Supplements (6% commission)

Read in detail about the best supplements affiliate programs of 2023.

13 Best Beauty Affiliate Programs of 2023

The makeup and beauty industry has been booming ever since men and women both have had the need to look good and meticulous. The beauty industry is going nowhere but up. It is estimated that in 2023 the cosmetic industry’s worth will be $805.61 billion. With billions of dollars being spent on this niche, this industry is growing at a fast pace.  

Makeup bloggers and influencers can easily take up beauty affiliate programs and earn money. Not only through affiliate programs can a person make money but one can also earn through e-commerce. Selling products over Shopify, amazon, or eBay can also help make an income. Taking up beauty affiliate programs would be a wise step for affiliates. 

  1. Sephora (Up to 10% commission)
  2. BH Cosmetics (8% commission per sale)
  3. Ulta Beauty (2% to 5% commission)
  4. Bobbi Brown (8% commission)
  5. Avon (10% commission)
  6. Pur Cosmetics (8% commission)
  7. Look Fantastic (10% commission)
  8. Cult Beauty (10% commission)
  9. Elf Cosmetics (9% commission)
  10. Elizabeth Arden (9% per sale)
  11. Colorescience (5% commission)
  12. Black Opal (6% commission on all sales)
  13. Benefit Cosmetics (3% to 6% commission on sales)

Read in detail about the best beauty affiliate programs of 2023.

12 Best Electronics Affiliate Programs of 2023

The usage of electronic devices in our lives has boosted the electronic industry to new heights. In 2019, the consumer electronic market size was valued at USD 1 trillion, and it is expected to grow at a CAGR of 7%+  by 2026. The electronic industry covers a wide variety of products from transistors to television, radars, and computers. 

The electronic industry is growing and changing. The demand for electronic commodities is high as they have made life easier for us, especially in the field of communication. Not only our needs but industrial and technological development has also increased the demand for electronic products. Affiliates can earn a fairly good commission from electronic affiliates. Here are 13 great electronic affiliate programs.

  1. ThinkGeek (4% commission)
  2. Kove (8% commission)
  3. Whistle (20% commission)
  4. Samsung (2% to 4% commission)
  5. 1MORE (8% commission) 
  6. UnbeatableSale (10% to 12% commission)
  7. Tiger Direct (up to 3% commission)
  8. TechRabbit (4% commission)
  9. Mohu (10% commission)
  10. Belkin (4% commission)
  11. P.C. Richard & Son (1% to 2.5% commission)
  12. Hobby Tron (8% on every sale)

12 Best Travel Affiliate Programs of 2023

The tourism and travel industry is growing in leaps and bounds. It is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world and far ahead of popular industries like financial services, technology, and health. The worth of the tourism industry is expected to be about $8.8 trillion

Traveling is opted for by every individual. When thinking of relaxing, the first image that comes to mind is traveling to places. Affiliates can earn a handsome amount in commissions in the travel industry. This could be in the form of products, tickets, hotel bookings, etc.

Let’s have a look at a few of the best travel affiliate programs. 

  1. Booking.com (up to 40% commission)
  2. TripAdvisor (50% commission)
  3. Agoda (6% per sale)
  4. Skyscanner (50% on bookings)
  5. Airbnb (up to $72 per referral)
  6. Expedia (6% per sale)
  7. Priceline (3% commission)
  8. Cruise Direct (3% commission)
  9. Hotels Combined (up to $2 per lead)
  10. Lonely Planet (15% commission)
  11. STA (10% commission)
  12. Wego (up to $0.8 per click)

11 Best Fitness Affiliate Programs of 2023

Health and fitness are essential parts of an individual’s lifestyle. Having a healthy eating pattern and staying fit is one of the best gifts ones can give themselves. The health and fitness industry is worth USD $3.7 trillion. Out of this huge market, the home fitness equipment market alone is worth USD $ 15 billion. People won’t be tiring out of this industry any time soon. Staying fit and healthy increases energy levels increases immunity, increases mental and physical health, and reduces the risk of diseases. All these factors give a positive inclination of joining fitness affiliate programs. Tapping into such affiliate programs will be a win-win situation for both consumers and affiliates. Finding the best fitness affiliate programs is a task on its own, here’s a list of the best fitness affiliate programs to help you start out. 

  1. ACE Fitness (8% per sale)
  2. Net2Fitness (8% per sale)
  3. Garage Fit (5% to 10% per sale)
  4. Natalie Jill Fitness (30% to 50% per sale)
  5. Bowflex (3% commission)
  6. Horizon Fitness (8% per sale)
  7. Titan Fitness (5% per sale)
  8. Life Fitness (8% per sale)
  9. TRX Training (10% per sale)
  10. Wahoo Fitness (10% per sale)
  11. Jillian Michaels ( 20% commission)

Read in detail about the best fitness affiliate programs of 2023.

11 Best CBD Affiliate Programs of 2023

The CBD industry may be worth over $22 billion by 2022 while CBD oil alone has an expected projection of USD $3.86 billion by 2025. The CBD industry has experienced a huge growth of about 40%. It has shown a promising future in the health industry. The many benefits of CBD in muscle disorders, epilepsy, anxiety, etc. have led to its popularity. Affiliates can gain a chunk of this earning by selling CBD products online through CBD affiliate programs. As people are taking a keen interest in CBD, affiliates are bound to make earnings. Let’s have a look at a few of the best CBD affiliate programs.

  1. CBD BioCare (up to 40% commission)
  2. Just CBD (18% per sale)
  3. CBD Medic (30% per sale)
  4. Joy Organics (25% commission)
  5. CBD FX (25% commission)
  6. CBD Pure (40% commission)
  7. Savage CBD (35% commission on each sale)
  8. Pura Hemp (30% commission on all sales)
  9. CBD Essence (20% to 40% commission)
  10. Vape Bright (20% to 30% commission)
  11. CBD MD (20% commission off every sale)

11 Best Credit Card Affiliate Programs of 2023

The use of credit cards is not only prevalent in the US but also globally. This industry is worth US$ 3.32 trillion per year. Which leaves ample space for affiliates to earn through credit card affiliate programs. People are applying for loans and credits more than ever. With the increasing prices, people have to make ends meet. Credit cards allow individuals to purchase goods with the promise of returning the money at a later time. Credit cards give the benefit of applying for loans and mortgages if one has a sound and stable credit repayment history. This billion-dollar industry can prove to be fruitful for many affiliates as credit card affiliate programs pay well compared to other categories and niches. It allows an affiliate to earn about $25 and $150 per sale

Here are a few of the best credit card affiliate programs:

  1. Bankrate (earn up to 40% revenue share on each sale)
  2. Credit Assistance Network ($95 per sale)
  3. Credit.com (varies)
  4. Luxury card ($405 per sale)
  5. Indigo Platinum MasterCard (up to $35 per sale)
  6. Experian (up to $100 per sale)
  7. Commission soup (varies)
  8. TransUnion ($45 per sale)
  9. Petal Visa Card ($36 per sale)
  10. Capital Bank ($25 per funded account)
  11. Barclaycard (varies)

9 Factors to Consider Before Choosing The Best Affiliate Programs

Affiliate marketing, if done right, can help earn any individual a good passive earning. One of the primary factors in successful affiliate marketing is choosing the best affiliate program. With a large number of companies offering affiliate programs, picking the best one for you and your customers could be a difficult job. A Lot of factors need to be studied for selecting the best affiliate programs. Let’s have a look at some of the factors to consider before selecting an affiliate program.

 A lot of factors need to be taken into account and studied before committing to a program. The best affiliate programs offer a fair commission rate and a product that matches your niche. The payment schedule and market reputation of the product also help in determining the reliability of affiliate programs. Alongside cookie life, payment method and vendor support also have to be taken into consideration. 

1- Product Selection Matters

One of the primary rules when selecting affiliate programs is to select a program that matches your niche. You cannot pick a program that does not have any link to your niche. For example, if you have a website related to felines and canines then you must promote products related to them. Not doing so, will not deliver a good message to your customers.

2- Market Reputation

When selecting affiliate programs, it’s always best to check out the market reputation of that program.   Conduct a thorough search on the affiliate program and also check reviews of existing affiliates. Following different affiliate forums can be of benefit in this regard. The website of an affiliate program also gives insight into its genuineness and helps in deciding whether the said affiliate program is worth joining or not. 

3- Commission Rate

Commission rate is without a doubt the most important factor to take into account when selecting affiliate programs. Different affiliate programs offer different commission rates. It is not always necessary that the higher the commission rate, the higher the earning. Sometimes high commissions may be offered on products that do not get a large number of sales, while a product that has high sales may have a low commission. In this scenario, the low-commission products will earn you more income. Therefore, it’s best to do the math before choosing a program. 

4- Payment Method

Every affiliate program has different times for settling a payment. This factor should be taken into account by affiliates. Sometimes the payment time is weekly and sometimes monthly. An affiliate should choose a program with a settlement time that suits them. Paypal is generally used for payments but not all international affiliates have access to it. When selecting an affiliate program, do have a look at the payment method to avoid future hassles.   

5- Cookie life

The cookie life is the time duration in which advertisers pay a commission to the affiliate for a referred customer. Also known as the referral period, it helps affiliates earn a commission even days after a customer’s visit to the advertiser’s website. For example, if an affiliate has signed up for an affiliate program with a cookie life of 48 hours and a visitor makes a purchase within those 48 hours, the affiliate will get the commission for the sale. Cookie life can greatly affect income by a big margin. 

6- Commission Type

When choosing an affiliate program, you should select a program that will provide you with long-term benefits and would increase your passive income.  Another factor to think about is the nature of the commission. Many programs offer recurring commissions which give a huge boost to an affiliate’s commission. Hence, selecting programs that offer recurring commissions would prove to be more beneficial. 

7- Vendor Support

Good vendor support makes a difference in successful affiliate marketing. Select an affiliate program that has a professional approach toward all its affiliates. Problems can occur in any field, but having good vendor support will make problem-solving easier and quicker. Vendor support includes getting a quick response from the program, email support, dedicated account manager to live chat.

8- Up-Sells

Upsells add up to an affiliate’s commission. Upselling is when a consumer makes a purchase, he or she is offered various other deals and packages on different products available at the time of purchase. If the consumer purchases any of those deals, the affiliate’s commission increases. Selecting programs that offer this feature would be an added bonus. 

9- Leaks

Leaks or traffic leaks in affiliate marketing are a distraction on a website that diverts your referral or consumer to leave the advertiser’s site, making you lose your commission as an affiliate. Leaks have been a common problem in affiliate marketing. When selecting an affiliate program, check the landing page of the merchant and examine for any leaks. In case you do find one, inform the merchant and ask for it to be resolved. If the merchant does not agree to do so, it is best to opt for another program.


As an affiliate, you want to get the highest-paying affiliate program that best suits your niche and audience. Keeping in mind who your audience is and your social media followers’ needs, you can get to select the affiliate program that will surely bring you benefit. There are affiliate programs present for every niche imaginable and the number of affiliate programs you can join is unlimited. This diversification is good for business, giving affiliates the opportunity to earn a higher commission. With proper promotion and the right selection of an affiliate program, there’s no stopping you from earning a high passive income.

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