11 Best High Paying Fitness Affiliate Programs of 2023

Leading a healthy and active life has always been the choice of people all over the world. In general, people want to lead a healthy life while there are plenty of enthusiasts and professionals as well. The fitness industry is blooming with its current worth of USD 3.7 billion. It only seems logical that being an affiliate, one can stay healthy and earn too while being at it. Let’s have a look at some of the best fitness affiliate programs of 2023 that can help you make an earning.

11 Best High Paying Fitness Affiliate Programs (Quick Overview)

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  1. ACE Fitness
  2. Net2Fitness
  3. Garage Fit
  4. Natalie Jill Fitness
  5. Bowflex
  6. Horizon Fitness
  7. Titan Fitness
  8. Life Fitness
  9. TRX Training
  10. Wahoo Fitness
  11. Jillian Michael

1- ACE Fitness

ACE Fitness works on educating people about their health and well being while also giving professionals a boost in their careers with courses and certifications. They provide certification courses for personal trainers, health coaches, medical exercise specialists etc. Their main focus is on people to change their lifestyle to live a healthy and complete life. ACE Fitness has become a renowned name in the fitness industry.with valid certifications to their name, ACE Fitness has earned trust of its followers. Having a network of 90,000 certified fitness professionals, ACE Fitness is providing millions of people health and fitness information with the backing of science. 

ACE Fitness offers an affiliate program, through which you can earn on platforms like social media, websites, blogs,emails etc.  The commission is dependent on the number of sales made. You, as an affiliate, can earn 8% for every sale made. Added commissions can be earned with the 30 day cookie life

ACE Fitness affiliate program is a trusted name in the health and wellness sector and joining their affiliate program would be a good choice especially for beginners. 

2- Net2Fitness

Net2Fitness has a goal to be the best online store to provide high quality fitness machines, accessories and equipment all within a convenient price range. Net2Fitness offers commercial and home exercise equipment like inversion tables, weight lifting accessories, ankle weights, treadmills etc. They sell these equipment directly from the factory, giving their customers a saving of 40% to 45%. The price range of their products varies between $17.99 to $3999.99. Net2Fitess’s primary sales medium is via the internet and also provides fast delivery and great customer service. 

Net2Fitness offers one the highest paying affiliate programs. They offer a commission rate of 8% on every sale made through your affiliate links. They offer a monthly payout and a 30 days cookie period to earn added commission. 

3- Garage Fit

Garage Fit offers garage gym equipment and cross training equipment. Not only that, but they also provide videos for training and exercises. Garage Fit manufactures Plyo Boxes, Kettlebells workout sandbags, pull up bands, battle ropes, weight vests and plenty of other fitness equipment. All these products are available with prices ranging between $7.99 to $69.99.

Garage Fit offers an affiliate program with a good commission rate of 5% to 10% per sale. They also provide tools like any other affiliate program like banner ads and text links. 

4- Natalie Jill Fitness

Natalie Jill Fitness has gained media attention over a period of time because of its unrelenting focus on fitness, wellness and motivation. The crux of this fitness program is that it helps women to level up their life by getting fit and gaining confidence. Natalie Jill is a well known figure in the fitness industry and offers comprehensive programs offering quick and easy workouts, meal plans, recipes etc. and also offers encouragement to keep moving forward. Her programs have a price range of $37 to $497.

Due to Natalie Jill’s popularity, her programs sell easily and as an affiliate, you can earn a commission ranging between 30% to 50% for each sale

5- Bowflex

Bowflex offers premium workout equipment. They offer high quality in-home fitness equipment. Whether an individual wants to lose weight or tone up their muscles, Bowflex offers every solution with their wide range of products. Their product line includes machinery like, tread climbers, treadmills, max trainers, home gym systems etc. They offer varying products and offer everything from climbers to trainers. 

Bowflex offers an affiliate program with a commission rate of 3% on every sale which increases with the passage of time and increase in sales. This 3% commission gives a good earning considering the high price of the machines. The average order value is $2000  and a 30 day cookie duration is also offered.

6- Horizon Fitness

Horizon Fitness has been a reputable name in the health and fitness industry for the past 35  years. They offer award winning and high quality equipment for fat burning workouts. 

The equipment offered by Horizon Fitness is high standard and the prices range between $499 to $2245.

Horizon Fitness offers an affiliate program giving an 8% commission for each sale. The average order value is $800 which gives a pretty high average earnings per sale. The cookie duration of 30 days helps in earning added commissions as well.

7- Titan Fitness

Titan Fitness manufactures  a variety of high quality gym equipment like strength training equipment, endurance equipment, racks, kettle bells and boxing equipment. Other than that, they also sell shelves, racks and storage systems for organizing free weights and small items. Titan Fitness basically provides equipment for gyms but smaller items can be bought by people on an individual level who wish to workout at home. The price range of the equipment varies  between $5.99 to $1999.99.

Titan fitness offers an affiliate program with frequent updates, promotions and banners. The commission rate offered by them is 5% per sale with a 30 day cookie life. The payout date is on the 15th of every month.

8- Life Fitness

Life Fitness is helping people lead a healthier life with their fitness equipment for more than 45 years.  They are providing health and fitness solutions to not only professionals but for anyone starting out on the fitness journey all over the world. The price bracket of their equipment lies between $8 to $11,199.

The affiliate program of Life fitness offers a 8% commission. They have an average order value of over $3000 and a cookie duration of 30 days.

9- TRX Training

TRX Training is all about fitness. From professional trainers to beginners, athletes to enthusiasts, every individual can achieve their fitness goal. TRX Training provides professional training along with workouts and equipment for everyone that benefits in muscular and cardiovascular health. Their product price varies from $10.95 to $479.85.

TRX Training offers its affiliates a 10% commission on all sales and 30 day cookie life. The minimum payout is $25 which can be paid via PayPal or through cheque. 

10- Wahoo Fitness

Cycling offers many benefits to a person’s body. Wahoo Fitness delivers with cycling in mind giving a great cardio and leg workout. Wahoo fitness provides physical products to the likes of cyclists , runners and athletes. They provide a variety of products, from heart rate monitors and trackers to indoor bike trainers. The prices vary between $7.99 to $3499.99.

By joining the Wahoo Fitness affiliate program, you can earn a commission from 7.5% to up to 10% on each  product, although commissions are only applicable on credit cards payments. Commission is paid through PayPal when a minimum of $100 is reached. They offer a cookie life of 7 days.

11- Jillian Michaels

Jillian Michaels offers health solutions through her app and programs. She has made her name in the fitness world by providing users a way to stay fit and healthy through her methods, routines, workouts and  meal plans. Joining Jillian Micheal’s affiliate program, would prove to be  a beneficial one as her popularity will lead to a high conversion rate. 

A 20% commission is given to the affiliate on the sales they make. A tracking cookie of 30 days is also given.

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