10 Best High Paying Supplements Affiliate Programs of 2023

The $40,000 billion industry of supplements shows that the foods we eat do not contain the nutrition we need. Multivitamins are the most used supplements all over the world, followed by vitamin C & D. supplements enhancing brain power and for building muscles are also gaining popularity. Hence, if you choose to market the niche of supplements, it would turn out to be beneficial. With a vast variety of supplement companies and their affiliate programs in the market, here are just a few of the best ones. 

10 Best High Paying Supplements Affiliate Programs in 2023 (Quick Overview)

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  1. New Vitality
  2. Stack Labs
  3. The Vitamin  Shoppe
  4. Life Extensions
  5. A1 Supplements
  6. HerbsPro
  7. BrainMD Supplements
  8. Driven Nutrition
  9. eVitamins
  10. Vitacost Supplements

1- New Vitality

New Vitality offers quality products and supplements that caters to women’s health, men’s health and general nutrition. With their wide variety of supplements, they have something for every age and group. New Vitality produces nutritional health supplements and skin care products developed under the guidance of chemists, doctors, nutritionists and researchers. The product range offered by New Vitality is an affordable one with prices starting from $5 to $239.7.

New Vitality offers an affiliate program with a 10% commission rate on all products. The average order value is $98 and a conversion rate of 1.53%. They also offer a cookie duration of 15 days in which affiliates can earn added commissions. 

2- Stack Labs

Stack Labs is a relatively new company that offers supplements to a much targeted audience. Stack Labs is an emerging company producing bodybuilding supplements. These supplements increase muscle mass and strength, burn fat, develop lean mass and enhance athletic performance. These supplements are backed by scientific research and offered in effective doses to improve workouts and build body mass. Stack Labs offers affordable and fast acting supplements. 

Stack Las offers an affiliate program with a high commission rate of 45%. The average purchase is calculated at $112.

3- The Vitamin  Shoppe

The Vitamin Shoppe is one of the most reputable names in the supplement market. Being a specialty retailer and manufacturer of nutritional products, The Vitamin Shoppe offers a wide range of products like minerals, vitamins, sports nutrition supplements, herbs, etc. these products lie within a price range of $1.86 and $149.99.

Vitamin Shoppe is a company that people already know and love. This popularity allows for easier referrals and conversions. With a 10% affiliate commission, joining the affiliate program for The Vitamin Shoppe would lead to big affiliate income. And a 45-day cookie life will allow for added commissions.

4- Life Extensions

Life Extension has established itself as a reliable supplement vendor. They offer vitamin and anti-aging supplements as well as skincare and overall health care supplements. The clinical approach towards developing these supplements makes them of high quality. 

The affiliate program offered by life extension is top-notch and rated number one in the health food category. It is managed by Commission Junction and offers a base commission rate of 8% which increases with time up to 12%. The average order value is over $170 with a cookie duration of 129 days. The payout offered is on a monthly basis.

Publisher’s Sale Amount Commission rate
$0 – $999.99 8%
$1000 – $4,999.99 9.5%
$5,000 – $9,999.99 11%
$10,000+ 12%

5- A1 Supplements

A1 Supplements is one of the prominent names in the supplement industry. They offer a huge variety of supplements in different categories such as sports nutrition and lifestyle supplements. A1 supplements offer their products at reasonable prices ranging between $3.61 and $149.99. A1 Supplements has a long list of brands under its name. Due to their reputation, A1 Supplements has a mass appeal which is ideal for affiliates. The commission rate offered to affiliates is 10% with a 30 days cookie duration

6- HerbsPro

HerbsPro has a different genre in the supplements field by offering herbal supplements, organic groceries, vitamins, pet care products, and beauty care products. Claiming to be the alternative medicine community, HerbsPro offers over 50,000 products to customers and affiliates that have prices ranging between $ 0.79 and $1040

The affiliate program offered by HerbsPro can be joined by ShareASale, Commission Junction, PepperJam and Rakuten Linkshare. All these programs offer text links, banners, coupons etc like any other affiliate program.  They offer a commission rate of 10%  and a cookie life of 60 days.

With diverse products and prices, this site has a high conversion rate allowing affiliates to earn a high commission. 

7- BrainMD Supplements

BrainMD Supplements works with the mission to provide  better brain health and hence a healthy body and mind. They create high quality nutritional products for balancing and optimizing brain health. With the backing of science, Brain MD Supplements, has created formulae with natural ingredients to support mood, stress reduction, learning, brain function, energy, memory and sleep. They also develop online courses to help develop brain health.

These supplements and courses lie within the range of $12.95 to $997. Brain MD Supplements offers a 10% commission on all its products to its affiliates and  45 day cookie duration

8- Driven Nutrition

Driven Nutrition uses the latest cutting-edge science to manufacture its high quality products. The team at Driven Nutrition has designed its supplements to focus on diverse areas of the body like muscles, joints, cartilage, metabolic system, digestive system, cardiovascular system, immune system etc. These supplements also increase muscle fiber, promote muscle recovery and boost energy levels. The Driven Nutrition product range is priced between $5 to $274.99.

Driven Nutrition along with an extensive product range and brand credibility offers attractive missions to its affiliates. Their affiliate program is run by ShareASale. They offer a 25% commission on each sale and a 30 day cookie life. They provide a great customer care service and offer a 30 day money back guarantee to its customers. 

11- eVitamins

A superstore carrying all kinds of brands for vitamins, eVitamins, caters to the needs of skincare, hair care, amino acids, minerals and pet supplements etc. They provide fresh products at low costs with their prices ranging from $0.89 to $750

eVitamins offers its affiliates a commission up to 20% on all sales. Most products have a 12% commission on them but there are some products that have 20% commission too

There are two ways to join the eVitamins affiliate program. One is through their in-house program and second is through Commission Junction. For making the most money, it is advised to join through their in-house program as they offer higher commission of 12% to 20% on it. Moreover,the in-house tracking cookies override the Commission Junction tracking cookies, giving them priority. While joining through Commission Junction, an affiliate  would get a 4% to 8% commission. Along with this commission, they offer a 60 day cookie tracking. This program offers a payout at $25 on the 15th of every month via PayPal. 

10- Vitacost Supplements

Vitacost Supplements is providing simple formulas to support their customer’s health.  They offer vitamins, herbs, diet products etc. With over a million customers and more than 40,000 health and wellness products, Vitacost Supplements has something for everyone. 

The Vitacost affiliate program offers a 6% commission to its affiliates. Their average order size is $75.

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