13 Best Weight Loss Affiliate Programs of 2023

The weight loss industry has always been an evergreen market. People all over the world wish to achieve weight loss and live a happier and healthier life. The expected projection of $295.3 billion by 2027 clearly shows that the weight loss industry is going to grow by the day. The weight loss industry has different areas through which people can lose weight like supplements , diet pills, machines, shakes, gyms etc. 

For people already in the health and fitness niche, joining a weight loss affiliate program could prove to be a good step in monetization. It would be a win win situation to earn while staying fit and providing the opportunity to your followers to stay fit and healthy too. Here are some of the best weight loss affiliate programs of 2023 you can join.

11 Best High Paying Weight Loss Affiliate Programs in 2023 (Quick Overview)

  1. Weight Watchers
  2. HealthyWage
  3. MediFast
  4. Custom Keto Diet
  5. Weight Loss Evolved
  6. Bistro MD
  7. Nutrition Forest
  8. Keyto
  9. Tony Robbins
  10. Diet Direct
  11. Maximum Slim
  12. ACE Fitness
  13. Invite Health

1- Weight Watchers

Weight Watchers, as the name implies, keeps an eye on the weight by keeping a check on the food and its intake. This company has over 50 years of experience developing weight loss plans for its customers. The company offers various packages like a subscription to the Weight Watchers app or an option to personalized coaching, over 8000 recipes, activity tracker etc. They even offer a weight loss plan with customized support. Weight Watchers has always ranked among the top programs in the health category. 

Weight Watchers has an affiliate program that offers a $10 commission per sign up and a cookie duration of 14 days. The commission is paid out every month via check when a minimum amount of $25 is reached.

2- HealthyWage

HealthyWage works on developing new ways for weight loss. In this case, they’ve taken the shape of  challenges. Any individual can take part in these challenges either on their own, with family and friends or even start a corporate challenge. Healthy wage provides incentives and motivation to people to lead a healthy life in a fun way. These challenges have prizes up-to $10,000.

An affiliate joining the Healthywage affiliate program earns $30 for a team challenge and $50 for the healthywage wager challenge. They also offer a cookie life of 30 days.

3- MediFast

Medifast is offering solutions for weight reduction by offering people how to eat healthier. The meals designed by Medifast are made with fiber, low fat protein, vitamins and nutrients. This allows users to lose weight without losing on nutrition. Medifast creates superior products allowing people to find a healthy solution to weight loss without losing hope. Medifast offers an affiliate program managed by Commission Junction. The commission offered by them is between the range of 3% to 20% with a 7 day cookie life.

4- Custom Keto Diet

Custom Keto Diet is all about healthy keto meal plans that are affordable, convenient and effective. Custom Keto Diet tailors meal plans according to the customers requirements, needs and dietary preferences. They make the meals fun and enjoyable to ensure the best progress. These meal plans increase fat burning without too much exercise. Their meals plans start off at the price of $37. Custom Keto Diet offers an affiliate program with a commission of 68% and a 45 day cookie life

5- Weight Loss Evolved

Weight Loss Evolved provides a customizable plan to its customers and caters to the underlying causes of weight loss. Weight Loss Evolved has programs based on science and does not offer quick fixes. They also offer guidelines on cooking nutritious meals at home. 

Weight Loss Evolved offers a 30% commission to its affiliates giving affiliates an average commission of $119 per sale. The average sales recorded are $397 and the conversion rate is 16%.

6- Bistro MD

Bistro MD is based on the idea of meal kit delivery services and providing food menus for breakfast, lunch and dinners for weight loss. With the goal to keep calories between 1100 to 1400, Bistro MD is providing people a chance to lose weight while maintaining nutrition in their foods. The company also offers consultation with nutritionists and dietitians to create a custom meal plan. People with diabetes, menopause and other health issues etc. are offered specialized weight loss menus. These programs and meals are offered at a price of $97 and $189.

Bistro MD has  a strong existing brand awareness and high product demand which gives affiliates reason enough to join their affiliate program. Commission Junction manages their affiliate program. The commission offered is $45 per sale with a 45 day cookie life.

7- Nutrition Forest

Nutrition Forest is a well known name when it comes to vitamins, dietary supplements and weight loss supplements. All their products are made with natural ingredients. By using effective natural products, Nutrition Forest is providing its customers health and wellbeing within a price range of $24.95 and $195. With thousands of satisfied customers , their products help affiliates convert traffic into sales giving a conversion rate of 9% to 12%. #nutrition-forest

The affiliate program of Nutrition Forest is run by ShareASale. Every time an affiliate refers a qualified visitor to their website, it earns 30% to 40% on all sales and a cookie life of 30 days.

8- Keyto

Keyto is helping people burn fat faster. Providing customers ways to manage their keto diet and to keep track of it, Keyto is evolving into a much loved service. Keyto has launched the Keyto breathalyzer to check for ketosis and support weight loss. They are also offering delicious food recipes, personalized meal plans and an MD approved food guide. The products offered by Keyto have a maximum price of $99 and a minimum price of $2.50. They are helping people follow their keto diet and lose weight with ease. 

The Keyto affiliate program is run by ShareASale and a commission of 10% per sale is offered to affiliates. The cookie duration in which affiliates can earn a further commission is 7 days.

9- Tony Robbins

Tony Robbins is a popular public figure who provides coaching and guidance to thousands of people through his apps and books. He covers all aspects of a person’s life, providing coaching in areas like motivation, self help and business. He has also made audios and content on achieving weight loss. The Tony Robbins site is now also supplying supplements in general and also weight loss supplements. #tony-robbins

They offer an affiliate program with a commission rate of 15% and cookie duration of 45 days. The cost of audios, merchandise, supplements etc, lies between $5.85 and $387.

10- Diet Direct

Diet Direct is all about diet plans, weight loss supplements and protein diet foods. Diet Direct offers portion controlled meals that help in losing weight fast. Not only that but they also cater to any person’s need for high protein shakes, light entrees, meal replacements or low calorie snacks. All these recipes are available on their user friendly website. Diet Direct has a variety of brands under their names like WonderSlim, Snackergy, BariWise etc. and all these products lie within the price range of $4.95 to $638.

Anyone having a website, blog or digital existence in the field of weight loss, then Diet Direct is one of  the best affiliate programs to join for them. An affiliate can earn 10% commission on their referred sales along with a 30 day cookie duration. The amount of an average check given to an affiliate is $115. Diet Direct also offers a bonus $40 for a dedicated blog post about any product of Diet Direct. 

11- Maximum Slim

Maximum Slim carries organic products in their product line that includes all natural weight loss and health products. MAXIMUM Slim is working on helping people shed those unwanted pounds easily. Not only do they provide health products but also offer health and fitness tips from certified trainers, low calorie recipes as well as motivational guidance to their customers. Their supplements come in a variety of manners, like coffee, teas, vegetables etc. all the weight loss products lead customers to being a healthier version of themselves. The products are priced at a range between $0.99 and $54.99.

The commission rate offered to affiliates is 40% with a 30 day cookie duration.

12- ACE Fitness

ACE Fitness offers a series of courses and certifications in the area of health, weight loss and fitness. These courses allow them to teach people about health and fitness and empower them to teach others. The main objective of ACE Fitness is to educate every individual to thrive and achieve better health by activity and making lifestyle changes. Their certifications are NCAA accredited and have validation.

Any person having a blog or a website in the health and wellness niche can monetize it by promoting ACE fitness. It is one of the best programs for beginners. Affiliates earn an 8% commission on all sales.

13- Invite Health

Invite health focuses on their own brand of products that contain supplements, vitamins and minerals. They also have supplements for weight loss. These premium supplements and vitamins have been designed to meet the customer’s needs to support a healthy lifestyle. 

The affiliate program offered by Invite Health is a high converting one. Their affiliate program is managed by ShareASale. They offer a commission of 20% per sale and a cookie life of 30 days.

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